4️Staking dApp— 4. Earn(LP Reward)

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Guide for Adding Liquidity on LP Pool


You can swap ETH/PERI by finding PERI or paste the following Smart Contract Address:


Note — PERI/ETH trading pair has in the Uniswap V2.


Participate the LP pool by adding PERI BSC Smart Contract Address:



Join the LP pool by adding PERI Polygon Smart Contract Address:


Add LP Token on Metamask

Step 1. Click ‘Add Tokens’ on the Metamask.

Step 2. Add Tokens on your appropriate network’s following LP token address:

Uniswap(UNI-V2, Ethereum Mainnet): 0x3530A9461788891b7f5b94148a6E82FFa6fd236a
Pancakeswap(Cake-LP, Binance Smart Chain): 0xb68ebcec4c7aba66f5b8ed62e8c98b269cf918c8
Quickswap(UNI-V2, Matic Mainnet): 0x98f675b60769abc732ee59685bffa19ea3c8e81c

And click ‘Next’

Step 3. After you click ‘Add tokens’, you can see the current LP token amounts.

Earn LP Rewards(Staking LP Token) — PERI dApp

We will explain the whole procedure in the Polygon Network. The process of Staking LP Reward on ETH and BSC are the same with following steps on Polygon Network.

Step 1. Click Stake — Earn on the staking dApp main page.

Step 2. Input amounts of LP token you want to stake and click ‘Stake’.

Step 3. Check the gas fee on the Metamask, and click ‘Confirm’.

Step 4. Once the transaction is completed, you can see the alert on dApp and Metamask.

Step 4-1. Check the staked LP amount on ‘Balance’ window.


Liquidity Providing could have risk of impermanent loss in PERI token price change. As a liquidity provider, your position may fall in value with respect to either asset (before fees) and impermanent loss is often defined as the percentage loss an LP would experience for a given price movement. PERI Finance do not guarantee regarding impermanent loss, and all risk of loss is bourn by the user.

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