Why the APY is going down?

The APY(Annual Percentage Yield) is affected by how many amounts of tokens are staked(amounts of TVL) on the network. So the more users and amounts participate in the staking, the lower APY appears. This means that you can expect a higher APY by joining staking dApp earlier than others.

Please check each network’s APY on our staking dApp. You can see the details in the Stake-Mint section of the dApp window.

I can’t see other tokens on your staking dApp page.

Please scroll up/down with your mouse click wheel or touchpad. You can choose the tokens on the Mint/Burn/Reward section.

Can I use PERI staking dApp on mobile?

Yes, you can. PERI Finance dApp is on both laptop and mobile. Users can access our dApp on mobile by following dApp address(users need install Metamask mobile application):

PERI Finance is planning to launch a mobile-friendly staking dApp page. We will announce additional updates to users.

Where can I buy the PERI token?

PERI token has listed on the following centralized exchanges:

Gate.io: https://www.gate.io/trade/PERI_USDT Bitmart: https://www.bitmart.com/trade/en-US?symbol=PERI_USDT

You can also trade PERI tokens by paste the following address on DEX:

BASE Uniswap: 0xa8dA6145919B7F710cb18dE3f5093860ED960c1b

Uniswap: 0x5d30ad9c6374bf925d0a75454fa327aacf778492 Pancakeswap: 0xb49B7e0742EcB4240ffE91661d2A580677460b6A Quickswap: 0xDC0E17eAE3B9651875030244b971fa0223a1764f

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