PERI holders will receive three different rewards by staking PERI.

The first reward comes from PERI inflationary supply policy. PERI staking rewards are generated through the inflationary monetary policy implemented. Stakers can claim their staking rewards, which are escrowed for a year. 52 weeks After , Peri staking rewards start, inflation amounts decrease weekly by 1.25%.

After 40 months, the annual inflation rate will be fixed at 5%. 80% of the inflation reward will go to users who staked PERI and the rest to users staking USDC or DAI, which can be changed by PERIDAO community in the future

The second reward is the distribution of PERI.Assets' revenue. The managed funds come from 50% of the fund raised by PERI token sales, so the holders can be rewarded additional profits only by staking PERI. The profit only goes in proportion to those who maintain C-Ratio (collaterization ratio) above 400% during the rewards claiming period with PERI (50%) and BTC/ETH (50%).

Finally, the distribution of commissions incurred in Pynths transactions and leveraged Pynths contract trading.

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